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Stable Programs

Saddle Up! Experience a first-class riding program at affordable rates. The heart of the ranch is our unique approach to horses for both riders and non-riders. Whether you want to ride all day or just enjoy seeing horses in the field, there is something for everyone at the Pine Ridge Dude Ranch. We have trail rides for all levels of riders - beginner, intermediate and advanced. Private Lessons are available for guests that come as a beginner and want to leave as intermediate. Have you ever been in a barn and brushed a horse? Now you can have some real hands-on time with the horses with the Barn Buddies program!

Our Western horses ride over miles of wooded trails that overlook the scenic Shawangunk Ridge with views of the Mohonk Mountain. The terrain is a mix of open fields, hills and thick wooded areas. Each ride is approximately one hour from mounting to dismounting. For your safety, each trail ride is accompanied by several experienced wranglers. Our herd consists of a mix of different breeds such as: Quarter Horses, Thoroughbreds, Appaloosas, Paints, Percherons, Clydesdales, Haflingers, Icelandics, Morgans and Arabians.

Our stables staff is committed to excellence and wants to share their love of horses with you! By the time you leave the ranch, your riding skills will improve and you will have lifelong memories to share. For the ultimate ranch experience, check out the brand new “Own A Horse For A Day”.

Our all-inclusive package features one FREE RIDE per person per stay. Additional rides and specialty rides can be purchased.

Trail Rides | 45-minutes to 1-hour
The stables offer relaxing walk only rides, walk & trot rides, and exhilarating advanced level walk, trot, & canter rides. A safety check is required before any ride that is faster than slow pace. Minimum age is 9 years old or 8 years old after successful completion of a Junior Wrangler lesson and at the discretion of the Stables Manager. Qualified individuals have one trail ride included in their package.
$25 per ride

Types of Trail Rides

Walk Ride - Our most popular ride! Suitable for all levels of riders ranging from beginners to advanced. This trail ride is a lovely walk through the woods that is slow enough to enjoy the natural beauty of your surroundings. It is ideal for first time riders or anyone that wants a relaxing, comfortable ride.

Intermediate Ride - This ride consists of walking and trotting. Riders should have approximately 10 hours of experience in the saddle throughout the year. A fun, brisk ride that requires enough experience to be in control of the horse at all times. Riders are permitted to hold onto the saddle horn with their free hand and will be screened by the wranglers at a trot to ensure their safety. Riders that are not ready for the intermediate ride will be taken on a nice walk ride.

Advanced Ride - A fast-paced, energetic ride for experienced riders only. This ride consists of walking, trotting & cantering. Riders must be in control of their horse at all times and should not have to hold onto the saddle for balance. All advanced riders will be screened for safety at a canter.

Trail Blazer Package – 5 Trail Rides
For those who want more time on the trails, save money by buying in bulk! This package is for riders that come to the ranch to spend their time doing what they love.
$99 for 5 Trail Rides

For Kids

Pony Rides – 1 Free Pony Ride Per Day for ages 6 and under.
All kids love pony rides! Pony rides are a safe introduction for future horse lovers. Pictures will be taken by our professional photographer and available for purchase in the lobby.

Junior Wrangler – Corral Lesson | 15 to 20-minutes
Kids 5 to 8 years old can ride one-on-one with an instructional wrangler in the corral to learn the basics of how to ride. This is designed to prepare older kids for the trails. Qualified individuals have one Junior Wrangler ride included in their package.
$15 per lesson


Barn Buddies
A guest favorite. For a behind the scenes look at how the barn operates, come experience this hands-on program. Have you ever brushed a horse? Learn how to groom, saddle, see what they eat, and don’t forget to clean up the mess they make! This is suitable for adults or children. Program is 1-hour (trail ride not included)
$20 per person (min age 8 years old)


Private Trail Lesson | 45-minutes
Looking to fine-tune your trail riding skills? Let one of our wranglers show you the trails one-on-one. This is a great way to feel more comfortable in the saddle. Minimum age is 9 years old
$50 per person | Non-Overnight Guests $75

Private Trail Ride | 45-minutes to 1-hour
Do you want an exclusive ride away from it all? A quiet wrangler-led ride just for you and your party. Riding level is adjusted to that of the least experienced rider in the group: walk-only, intermediate, or advanced. Rides are 45-minutes to 1-hour long. This is not an instructional ride.
$50 per person | Non-Overnight Guests $75


Own A Horse for the Day
Have you ever wanted to own a horse without paying the bills? Does your child think they are ready to take care of a horse? Before you buy them one, try taking care of one of ours for the day. This is the newest addition to our riding program to give people a real-life understanding of what goes into owning a horse. You will be matched up with a horse that is safe and appropriate for your skill set for the entire day. The day will consist of:

  • Horsemanship
  • Education
  • Equipment Safety Check
  • Feeding
  • Grooming
  • Hoof Care
  • Saddling
  • Riding
  • After Riding Care (I.E. Bath in the summer)
  • Turnout
  • Cleanup

$200 per day $375 for two days $550 for three days. Limited availability.

Sunset Ride
Are you looking for the best romantic date idea within 2 hours from NYC? This is an exclusive ride with limited availability. Mount up and go for a beautiful trail ride as the sun sets in the west at our private lake. Dismount, kickback and relax with complimentary wine, crackers & cheese! Enjoy the most peaceful time of the day on your ride back to the stables, as the day transitions into night. Once you are back from the ride, you can assist with feeding the horses and turnout into the pasture. This is a 2-hour event. The pace of the ride is determined by the least experienced rider. The Catskill Mountains are the perfect setting for a vacation getaway.
$100 per person, minimum 2 people, non-overnight guests $125 per person.

Other Activities
Educations Sessions
Stable Tours
Horseshoeing Demonstrations
Horse Baths at the Stables

Plus more!

Additional Information

Trail Ride times are scheduled by the Stables Manager.

A safety check is required before each ride faster than a walk where riders demonstrate safe riding at a trot or canter.

All tickets expire after 1-year from purchase date

The minimum age for trail-riding is 9-years old. To optimize safety for everyone, kids who are 8 may ride the trails only after taking a Junior Wrangler corral lesson and at the discretion of the Stables manager.

For any additional information regarding the horse program, please contact our Stables Manager.

Programs and rides are subject to availability and weather conditions. In extreme heat or cold, all rides will be walk-only.

To ensure the safety of our horses and guests, the Stables Manager can reschedule or cancel rides. We do not ride in a thunderstorm or high winds.